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Aider Financials!

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Welcome to Aider Financials!

Aider Financials (AIDER) is committed to being a solution to our nation’s housing crisis. The current credit crisis in the United States has had a detrimental effect on both property prices as well as borrower credit worthiness across the nation. We desire to keep the families in their property if at all possible unless the homeowner wants to sell or has already vacated the property. AIDER purchases distressed assets and then communicates directly with the homeowners on finding and creating solutions. The key is communication and the homeowners being responsive to improving their financial future.

By listening and asking critical questions, AIDER can provide REAL SOLUTIONS based on what the homeowner wants. We also believe it is important to set the homeowner up with tools to improve their financial future in addition to their home. We believe that together we can work towards the stabilization of our countries economic challenges by creating stable homes and providing the best financial knowledge.

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