Aider Financials, LLC is a private equity real estate investment group which is established to place capital in distressed residential mortgage notes in select communities throughout the USA. Aider was founded to leverage the current disruption in the economic market cycle within the real estate sector through the acquisition of value-added first and second position mortgage notes that have potential produce positive cash flow and/or a substantial equity upside. The principals have successfully deployed and tested a scalable business model and now are directing the operations of this model to the benefit of the company and its investors with similar assets throughout the U.S.

We analyze, acquire and manage assets that generate current income while maintaining a healthy margin of safety. Typical timelines for investment projects range from six months to three years. We have created the Aider Financials, LLC to provide an opportunity for both accredited and sophisticated investors to capitalize on the opportunities from the results of the distressed residential mortgage collapse that began in 2007.


Learn While You Earn!

Aider Financials joint ventures with individual, institutional or IRA investors on a deal-by-deal basis.

In a joint venture, the investor funds the asset purchase and workout costs, with Aider Financials handling the asset sourcing, workout management, and ultimately sale of the asset to capture the investment gains, which are then shared.

We encourage both passive and active investors who would like to learn with us!

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At Aider, we connect you to an experienced professional, with experience acquiring Real Estate, mortgage notes, business notes and deeds of trust. Our partner takes a “look-at-everything approach” and has offered quotes to unique assets of all shapes and sizes. You also get a dedicated sales representative for the entire process.

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