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What Is Joint Venture with Aider Financials?

Traditionally, JV partners use savings and self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s). Many lenders have found it advantageous to divest of non-performing and/or low-performing assets as they seek to maximize their investment returns.

The benefits to the JV Partner are enjoying the security of asset-based lending and receiving returns that are typically better than those provided by traditional investments.

How is the Joint Venture investor secured?

A JV partner is secured by a JV agreement with Aider Financials. Aider Financials will own the mortgage and note on the property which serves as the foundation for the transaction. The emphasis in non-traditional lending is on the collateral, therefore measures are taken to protect the interests of the JV partner in a given property or deal.


Learn While You Earn!

Aider Financials joint ventures with individual, institutional or IRA investors on a deal-by-deal basis.

In a joint venture, the investor funds the asset purchase and workout costs, with Aider Financials handling the asset sourcing, workout management, and ultimately sale of the asset to capture the investment gains, which are then shared.

We encourage both passive and active investors who would like to learn with us!

Have Notes to Sell?

At Aider, we connect you to an experienced professional, with experience purchasing mortgage notes, business notes and deeds of trust. Our partner takes a “look-at-everything approach” and has offered quotes to unique notes of all shapes and sizes. You also get a dedicated sales representative for the entire process.

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